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Prince Ollie

Ollie comes from a superior line of English bulldogs and possesses rare tri-merle coloring. His genetics (M Locus: M*m, K Locus: Dd) make him an ideal choice for breeding unique colors and merles. We have his full DNA chart available. Physically flawless, with broad shoulders and ample wrinkles, Ollie is a well-cared-for stud, nurtured through a balanced diet and regular exercise. He has also received two months of expert potty training.

Unlike most bulldogs, Ollie has a sweet, protective nature and stands out for his remarkable ability to comprehend. Prince Ollie is the best choice if you’re seeking superior puppies or dogs for sale in Cedar City, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada, or the State of Washington.

Oshkii Sage Moon dancer

Oshkii Sage Moon Dancer, a striking black brindle, has a sophisticated and magical aura. His DNA chart showing the KB/ky and Dd genes enables him to produce solid blacks and rare colors. Hi is a top choice for breeding attractive black and chocolate litters. Our top-notch nutrition and training ensure this apple-headed canine’s sleek physique, broad shoulders, and radiant coat. Hailing from superior, intelligent bloodlines, he can learn commands quickly and easily. 

Oshkii, with a gentle nature, remarkable wisdom, and an overall good-looking personality, brings joy to everyone. Turn your head toward English Paws, one of the trusted breeder services in Utah, Nevada, and Washington, and choose Oshkii Sage Moon dancer as your loving pet!

Amira Lotus

This beautiful female bulldog consistently produces exceptional litters with unique colors and high intelligence. We meticulously select the perfect studs to achieve superior-quality pups, making them a smart choice for any dog lover. In addition to her intelligence, Amira Lotus possesses unique characteristics, setting her apart from the rest. She has versatile abilities that translate into her litters.

We always prioritize keeping the mother dog and litters healthy and fit. We take all precautions necessary to ensure she remains in peak condition throughout the breeding process. If you’re seeking a breeding service but are worried about “Where can I find the best dog breeding service near me?” look no further than English Paws. Here, we always keep our dogs’ healthy and happy!

Foxy Lady

This female dog with exceptional traits combines an appealing personality with intelligence, promising to produce highly desirable litters with exciting colors. We enrich litters with coveted characteristics by meticulously selecting the best studs, and Foxy Lady is one of them. You can’t deny her appeal because she is proficient in even receiving hard training and following instructions. The mother’s health and wellness remain our main priorities, helping us to make the whole breeding process smooth. Whether you seek beautiful puppies for sale in Cedar or a stud for breeding, you’re at the right place where the quality and health of our best friends are maintained!

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