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But wait a minute, are you still confused about whether to adopt a puppy or convincing your family of why to adopt a puppy? There are plenty of reasons why adopting a puppy can turn out to be a great choice. For the teasers, it can bring joy and a sense of fulfillment to your lives.

Moreover, it can contribute to your long life by reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. According to a 2017 study conducted at Uppsala University, Sweden, having a dog can reduce the risk of death by 33% and the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 11%.[1] Puppies keep you active. Now you may think, how? From walking, hikes, visits to the beach, or even at home with puppy training sessions and playtime, your puppy is like your personal workout partner!

Locating Dogs for sale in Cedar City, Utah?

You have landed on the right spot. English Paws has got you covered. Raised with compassionate care and ensuring lifelong health, the English Paw offers you Dogs for sale in Cedar City, Utah, a breed that is healthy and can produce gorgeous offspring.

But why opt for a Bulldog?

Many reasons make bulldog stands out from its fellow breeds. Some of the reasons to consider are:

  • Bulldogs live around 8-10 years on average; however, with the right care, they can live several years longer.
  • Bulldogs are exceptionally social and affectionate.
  • Bulldogs are great with kids and other pets if you socialize and train them well.
  • Bulldogs don’t need too much physical exercise.
  • Bulldogs are very loyal and defensive of their family

Who are Bulldogs “right” for?

Bulldogs are perfect for people and families who love to stay at home and cuddle with an adorable and loving dog.

If you live alone, work outside of the home, and love spending your leisure time out as well, the bulldog is not right for you.

On the contrary, if you are more introverted and/or have family members at home almost constantly – every bulldog will love to join your household!

But before all this, it is important to identify the right breeder. So, if your search engine has “breeding near me,” you are definitely on the right track.

Finding Your Right Breeder

Since bulldogs are high maintenance due to their health concerns, it is always recommended to get your bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder. This is a reason why English Paw should be your only choice. With our professional bulldog breeding services in different cities, we have built a community for bulldog owners by offering a dedicated, hygienic, and safe place for the safe and sound bulldog breeding process. This will ensure that the puppy comes from healthy parents and has been raised properly.

Is it all to know?

Definitely not! Adopting a puppy does not just mean getting one and taking it home; it takes a lot more, specially when it is a bulldog. Here are some tips you should do after adopting a new puppy.

  • Be Patient

Moving to a new house can be stressful for your newly adopted puppy. People who’ve never owned a bulldog often view this breed as lazy and lethargic. And while it’s true that adult bulldogs are not as physically active as other dog breeds, bulldog puppies can be surprisingly energetic. Be Patient and let your puppy explore. According to veterinarians, it may take a few days and even a month before a dog settles into their new environment.

  • Give Time for Training

Most people think that if a dog breed is intelligent, it’s also easy to train. That’s both right and wrong, in a way.

Bulldogs are a very intelligent breed that can be taught to do many different things. But it’s that same intelligence that makes them incredibly stubborn and strong-willed dogs. It is important to create a connection between you and your pet. Use the available online resources. You can also visit us at the English Paws for bulldog care counseling and discuss their dogs’ health, temperament, and behavioral problems.

  • Arrange Dog Essentials

Make sure that you already have all the necessary things your newly adopted dog needs. Bulldogs are susceptible to food allergies. Hence, do not change their food abruptly and watch out for skin and behavioral symptoms of allergies. In order to maintain the health of your Bulldog, it is essential to give them moderate workouts and exercises. Toys are a perfect tool for your fur baby to enjoy a workout at home, especially when it is raining or you are unable to take him out.

  • Visit Vet

It is important to take your puppy to visit veterinarians within the first few weeks of having them. It will allow them to give the shots and boosters they need and assess your puppy’s overall condition.

That first month as a new dog owner can be an exhausting and confusing period, but it will pass. As long as you stick to a schedule, bond with your dog, train them, and give them everything they need, you two will be best friends in no time.

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you start searching for “pet stores near me,” English Paw should be your top priority since it is the right place to answer all of your concerns. English Paws is a place where our passion for bulldogs drives us to deliver the highest breeding practices and dog care standards. We understand the necessity of ethical breeding and its effect on generating healthy and contented puppies since we are devoted bulldog lovers.

Also, our access to the greater bulldog breeding community ensures providing a safe place and process of breeding. So, without wasting any further seconds, sign up and become part of the best breeding community in Utah, Nevada, and Washington. With us, practice and encourage a journey of nurturing healthy bulldogs. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!