English Paws offers reliable stud services for English Bulldogs in Cedar, Las Vegas, St George, Mesquite, and Iron County. We also have beautiful bulldog puppies. At this platform, we provide our studs with the best, compassionate care and ensure their life-long health, enabling your Dam to produce gorgeous offspring. We cater to the needs of people who own English Bulldogs and breed them with the highest integrity, so customers don’t have to worry about whether they will get what they’re paying for. So, if you’re searching for a “puppy store near me” online to find the best studs or are interested in buying beautiful puppies, don’t forget English Paws!  

With our professional bulldog breeding services in different cities, we have built a community for bulldog owners by offering a dedicated, hygienic, and safe place for the safe and sound bulldog breeding process. Our stud services also include English Bulldog special care in Washington, DC. We’ve been working with professional staff who are bulldog lovers and have particular interests in all aspects of their breeding.

So, we also create an opportunity for all bulldog lovers to join us for bulldog care counseling and discuss their dogs’ health, temperament, and behavioral problems.

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SINCE 1995

Meet the mothers

Foxy Lady

This little lady has a personality that one cannot resist, she is full of joy, love and the intelligence to match! She has beautiful colors that will produce a wide variety of colors in her offspring that are highly sought after. As always we choose studs from the highest quality to provide traits and colors that are highly sought after. She is a quick study and catches on to anything without breaking a sweat. She trains hard and plays and loves even harder. No one can resist her charms. Any litter she produces is sure to be of exquisite quality and your best friend forever. In everything we do we produce the best with always the highest concern and effort to maintain the mother’s health, wellness and happiness. Our dogs are our passion and life, whether you are looking for a stud or interested in one of our litters you know they are coming from a loving home that goes above and beyond to maintain the quality and health of our best friends!

Amira Lotus

This beautiful and majestic girl has produced the most exceptional litters, between her bloodlines and us choosing the perfect studs you can be sure her offspring is of the highest quality. Her babies come out with amazing rare colors and high intelligence any puppy that comes from her brood is a smart choice! She herself is an exceptional bulldog she is highly intelligent with characteristics unlike others. Whether she is actually singing to a song and keeping perfect pitch, playing games or training she is an outstanding bulldog that will always give the best litters and hand down her amazing traits. Our first concern is always for the mother we only breed a few times to make sure her health and wellbeing is our first priority. So whatever litters we get they are of the highest quality and rare so as to not over work or over breed. Our dog’s happiness and health is always our first priority.